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Müde bin ich geh zur Ruh, mache meine Augen zu. Doch vorher setze ich den ExLu auf und schalte den Computer ein.

Welcome to dreamguard.eu!

On this web site I am presenting my project:

Extreme Lucidity,

or short ExLu. One of my hobbies is lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams are dreams in which you are aware that you are dreaming. Such dreams let anybody dream about whatever they want, since when you know that everything is just a dream, you also know that you can change the dream to your likings. To help achieve lucidity (to recognize that one is dreaming) I developed a device called ExLu. It recognizes when somebody is dreaming and sends the data to a computer, which in turn then can help the dreamer to become lucid, by basically telling him that he is dreaming through acoustic and visual signals. Additionally to that, I am trying to lead the brain into a state, in which it becomes easier to achieve lucidity through the usage of neurofeedback.

Sounds interesting? This site is primarily on German, but you can check out my English paper about the influence of ExLu on dreams, which I submitted for the International Association for the Study of Dreams Student Award Contest. The paper includes many information presented here but also additional more general information about lucid dreams. I hope you enjoy my homepage and I wish you many good lucid nights!

Download my English paper about ExLu